Taproom in Progress!

We’ve been working hard to get our taproom up and running in preparation for the end of lockdown, and we honestly can’t wait to show everyone the updates we’ve made. One of our most recent additions has been the large sign inside the taproom, proudly showcasing our Harrogate Brewery logo.

The main stages of our revamp has been to retile the bathrooms and paint the whole of the brewery. This includes the walls, the staircase and various pieces of furniture. A particular highlight was upcycling our old chairs, we sanded them down then painted sections of each chair different colours to create a unique look.

Of course a Taproom would not be complete without its most important feature – the bar. Just like our beer garden we wanted to repurpose materials we already had to build it – we haven’t finished it just yet, but here’s a picture to show its beginnings:

We’re putting in every effort to ensure the taproom can be fully functional once the government gives us the green light to open, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated until that time comes. During these trying times we’d like to give a special shout out to all the people who have helped us keep going with the updates throughout this time – without your hard work we wouldn’t be at the stage we are today – so thank you!