Meet the team

If you’re going to drink our beer it’s essential for you to know who’s making it (and selling it!) – so it’s time to meet the team.

Say hello to out brewers, Tom and Liam (pictured above) and Paul.

Tom also owns the amazing Lamb Brewing Company in the picturesque village of Litton, North Yorkshire. Tom juggles his time between growing his business in the Dales and brewing for us. Paul is the original creator and head brewer of BAD Co in Dishforth and is a walking craft brewing library and multi-award winner. Liam is currently shadowing both our experienced experts and putting his Masters in Chemistry to good use as he learns the ropes of commercial brewing. Liam is keeping it in the family as he’s Joe and Julie’s son-in-law!


Now to meet the family! Owners Joe and Julie are pictured below with their son Matthew and daughter Martha.Their eldest daughter Eleanor (Liam’s wife) also helps out. At the moment everyone is pitching in with an array of tasks to get the brewery up and running, with everything from sales and marketing to cleaning, painting and delivering our beers – there’s plenty to do!

It’s always good to put a face to a name, if you stop by the brewery for a collection or pay a visit to the taproom (which will hopefully be allowed very soon!) then be sure to say hello to us, we’d be happy to have a chat.