HBCo Does National Delivery!

The time has come to finally announce that Harrogate Brewing Co can spread their beer joy nationwide! 

We will continue to offer free local delivery within a 15-mile radius including Harrogate, Knaresborough, Leeds and Ripon. However, after many customer requests for national shipping to their homes, we are now able to send cases of beer within the UK via courier!

After spending some time finding the best courier for our customers, HBCo have also chosen to help subsidise the cost of delivery. This now brings access to our beer in England, Scotland and Wales for a £5.95 delivery fee.

We did a few trial runs through different couriers (with plenty of protective packaging!) to ensure our beer arrives safely and on time to our customers. There’s no harm in being overprotective when it comes to beer!

If you’d like to place a UK order for some of our beer, simply head to our online shop where you can select the beer you’re after and input where to ship upon checkout.